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Home Security Tips

Unfortunately, your home can never be completely immune to crime. However, taking preventive measures can significantly reduce any potential risk. It is very important to be aware of your surroundings and do everything in your power to secure the safety of your home and family. It is important to read these security facts to become better educated on home theft characteristics. Please take a few minutes of your time to try answering the questions that are being asked below. Every “No” answer indicates a weakness that could help a criminal. The more “No” answers that you can convert to “Yes” answers, the more protected your household becomes.

Consider consulting with residential locksmith services in your area to help you review these questions and assess your household security needs.

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Home Security Facts

  1. Most crimes happen because someone gave a criminal an opportunity to act.
  2. Little planning goes into most burglaries.
  3. No neighborhood (rich or poor) is 100% safe from crime.
  4. Professional burglars are very rare.
  5. Most burglars are neighborhood juveniles, and therefore, can be deterred.
  6. Most burglars are never caught.
  7. Most home burglaries occur in the daytime.
  8. Most burglars enter through unlocked doors or windows.
  9. It takes less than two minutes for the average burglar to get into your home.
  10. If you can delay their entry for just three minutes, most burglars will give up and leave.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you avoid telling strangers your daily routines?
  2. Have your children been told not to discuss family business with strangers?
  3. Are all your gates in good repair and properly locked?
  4. Are all your doors equipped with good locks?
  5. Are all your exterior doors of solid core construction?
  6. Do exposed hinges have non-removable pins?
  7. If hinge pins are removable, are the doors “pinned” to prevent removal?
  8. If your valuables must be kept at home, are they stored in a safe or security closet?
  9. If a home safe is used, does it weigh more than 750 lbs.?
  10. If not, is it anchored in place so that it cannot be carried off?
  11. Have you considered an intercom system installation?

We present the above facts and questions to help you prevent theft. These facts are not intended to address every possible crime threat, but rather to show you some of the more common security problems and solutions. It’s up to you to regard these facts and build a personal protection program that fits the specific needs of your home, family and lifestyle.

If you have questions about crime prevention and personal security or need help with a specific security problem, contact residential locksmith services in your area.

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