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Secure Home Anywhere With New Technology

Monday June 18, 2012 9:23 AM

COLUMBUS, Ohio –¬†Home sweet smart home.

Sharon Pearson wanted to secure her home and live green at the same time.

“I did get robbed of $600 and at the time I was living in the house alone,” said Pearson.
Pearson installed Vivint technology that enabled her to lock and unlock doors, turn lights off, and adjust the thermostat at any time, ONN’s Harrison Hove reported.

“We have the ability to control our system from our smart phones and from any computer device,” Pearson said.

Pearson can be on vacation hundreds of miles away or in her own front yard and work the device.

Technician James Brown said that more and more people want smart home technology after visiting plenty of Ohio homes.

“I know of several hundred people that want this service,” said Brown. “The business is really expanding.”

Pearson said that she feels more secure and expects to save money in the long run. She also believes that this will help her leave her mark on the environment this summer by adjusting her thermostat remotely instead of running the air conditioner all day long.

Brown will keep making these installations as the homeowner’s quest for more technology continues.

“The technology aspect of it is what the customers love about it,” Brown said. “Being able to have remote access to their home at all time is what customers love.”

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