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Locksmith Glossary S

sub-master key
the master key level immediately below the master key in a system of six or more levels of keying

stop (of a key)
the part of a key from which all cuts are indexed and which determines how far the key enters the keyway

selective key system
a key system in which every key has the capability of being a master key. It is normally used for applications requiring a limited number of keys and extensive cross keying.

selective master key
an unassociated master key which can be made to operate any specific lock(s) in the entire system in addition to the regular master key(s) and/or change key(s) for the cylinder without creating key interchange

sequence of progression
the order in which bitting positions are progressed to obtain change key combinations

set-up key
1.  a key used to calibrate some types of key machines 2. a key cut to all #9 depths, used to hold Primus finger pins and Everest check pins in place while loading the plug

small format interchangeable core

shear line
a location in cylinder at which specific tumbler surfaces must be aligned, removing obstruction(s) which prevented the plug from moving

the part of the cylinder which surrounds the plug and which usually contains tumbler chambers corresponding to those in the plug

The edge of the key that touches the face of the lock to define how far the key is inserted into the lock.

shove knife
a tool used with a set-up plug which pushes the springs and pin tumblers into the cylinder shell

shut out mode
the state of a hotel function lockset which prevents operation by all keys except the emergency master key, display key, and some types of shut out keys

a primary or secondary locking device in a cylinder. When locked, it extends along the plug beyond its circumference. It must enter gates in the tumblers in order to clear the shell and allow the plug to rotate.

simplex key section
a single independent key section which cannot be used in a multiplex key system

single key section
an individual key section which can be used in a multiplex key system

single step progression
a progression using a one increment difference between bittings of a given position

symbol for `single keyed,` normally followed by a numerical designation in the standard key coding system; e.g., SKD1, SKD2, etc. It indicates that a cylinder or lock is not master keyed but is part of the keying system.

sub-master key

the dimensions from the stop to the center of the first cut and/or to the centers of successive cuts

spool pin
A pin that has a groove cut around it`s periphery. The groove is intended to catch at the shear line as a deterrent to picking.

spring cover
a device for sealing one or more pin chambers

standard key coding system
an industry standard and uniform method of designating all keys and/or cylinders in a master key system. The designation automatically indicates the exact function and keying level of each key and/or cylinder in the system, usually without further explanation.

standard progression format
a systematic method of listing and relating all change key combinations to all master key combinations in a master key system. The listing is divided into segments known as blocks, horizontal groups, vertical groups, rows, and pages, for levels of control.


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