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Locksmith Glossary P


1. adj. of or pertaining to a keyway with one or more wards on each side projecting beyond the vertical center line of the keyway to hinder picking 2. of or pertaining to a key blank made to enter such a keyway

to install pin tumblers into a cylinder and/or cylinder plug

pin chamber
the corresponding hole drilled into the cylinder shell and/or plug to accept the pin(s) and spring

pin stack
all the tumblers in a given pin chamber

pin stack height
the measurement of a pin stack, often expressed in units of the lock manufacturer`s increment or as an actual dimension

pin tumbler
usually a cylindrical shaped tumbler. Three types are normally used: bottom pin, master pin and top pin.

pinning chart
a numerical diagram which indicates the sizes and order of installation of the various pins into a cylinder. The sizes are usually indicated by a manufacturer`s reference number which equals the quantity of increments a tumbler represents.

pipe key
A key with a bit projecting from a hollow cylindrical shaft.

the part of a cylinder which contains the keyway, with tumbler chambers usually corresponding to those in the cylinder shell

plug follower
a tool used to allow removal of the cylinder plug while retaining the top pins, springs, and/or other components within the shell

plug holder
a holding fixture which assists in the loading of tumblers into a cylinder plug

to select possible key bittings from the key bitting array, usually in numerical order

a logical sequence of selecting possible key bittings, usually in numerical order from the key bitting array

any bitting position which is progressed rather than held constant

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