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Metro Atlanta Locksmiths list phony addresses

Burt Kolker told CBS Atlanta News that times are tough right now in the locksmith business.

He has owned Sandy Springs Locksmith at 155 Hammond Dr. for more than 40 years.

Kolker said his business is down 40 percent this year because of illegitimate locksmiths in the area.

“Three hundred thousand people a day nationally call locksmiths, and 250,000 are getting some type of phony and getting ripped off,” said Kolker.

CBS Atlanta News has learned there are multiple listings for locksmiths in Sandy Springs that have phony addresses.

The address, 352 Sandy Springs Circle, is listed online as a 24-hour locksmith, but in actuality there is a law firm located at that address.

We also found an online listing for a locksmith at 6349 Roswell Rd., but after going to that location we learned it’s an address that doesn’t even exist.

We noticed another 24-hour locksmith listing online at 6214 Roswell Rd. which is actually a tattoo parlor.

A questionable locksmith took advantage of consumer Kenneth Brown.

“He immediately went and got a huge drill, drilled a hole in the lock and replaced the lock for $309,” said Brown.

CBS Atlanta News spoke with state Rep. Harry Geisinger about our findings. He said he has introduced legislation that would help regulate the industry.

“What needs to be done to solve this problem?” asked CBS Atlanta reporter Adam Murphy

“Well we need to make sure that the locksmith is qualified to be a locksmith, secondly we need to go ahead and license the locksmith so that we know who they are and where they are,” said state Rep. Harry Geisinger.

To read the original news visit: http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/16166742/cbs-atl