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maximum adjacent cut specification. MACS exists because of the physical relationship between the spacing of key cuts, the increment between cut depths, and the angle of the cutter. As each of these three factors changes, so does the MACS. That is why the MACS can be different from one manufacturer to another, or even for different cylinder products within the same manufacturer, like Schlage full size keys and small format IC keys.

maid`s master key
the master key in a hotel master key system given to the maid. It operates only cylinders of the guest rooms and linen closets in the maid`s designated area.

maison key system
[from the French, meaning `house` key system] a keying system in which one or more cylinders are operated by every key (or relatively large numbers of different keys) in the system; e.g., main entrances of apartment buildings operated by all individual suite keys of the building

master key
1. a key which operates all the master keyed locks or cylinders in a group, each lock or cylinder usually operated by its own change key 2.  to combinate a group of locks or cylinders such that each is operated by its own change key as well as by a master key for the entire group

master key system
1. any keying arrangement which has two or more levels of keying 2. a keying arrangement which has exactly two levels of keying

master keyed
adj. of or pertaining to a cylinder or group of cylinders which are or are to be combinated so that all may be operated by their own change key(s) and by additional key(s) known as master key(s)

master keyed only
adj. of or pertaining to a lock or cylinder which is or is to be combinated only to a master key

master pin
1.  usually a cylindrical shaped tumbler, flat on both ends, placed between the top and bottom pin to create an additional shear line 2. a pin tumbler with multiple gates to accept a sidebar

maximum adjacent cut specification (MACS)
the maximum allowable difference between adjacent cut depths

master key

master keyed

MK`d only
master keyed only

Master Locksmith Association of Australia

multi-section key blank
a key section which enters more than one, but not all keyways in a multiplex key system

multiplex key blank
any key blank which is part of a multiplex key system

multiplex key system
1. a series of different key sections which may be used to expand a master key system by repeating bittings on additional key sections. The keys of one key section will not enter the keyway of another key section. This type of system always includes another key section which will enter more than one, or all of the keyways. 2. a keying system which uses such keyways and key sections

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