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Key Blanks

key blanksThough they are usually taken for granted, keys are one of the most important parts of modern life. It is a known fact that we use keys more than we care to remember using them. We use them every day in various places like home, office, car, and many other places. However, sometimes we tend to forget about them and loose them. This is the time when we come to see the importance of key blanks.


A key blank is used by locksmiths to effectively and quickly duplicate the keys for your home, car, or office. Duplicating a key is a very intricate task. The right key blank is needed to create a perfect duplicate key. Choosing the right type of key blank depends on the type of the original key that is being duplicated. Generally, locksmiths will ask for the original key and then, look for a corresponding key blank from his stock. If the original key is not available, then the duplication would not be possible. Hence, it is very important to have the original keys duplicated before losing them.

How to Duplicate a Key Using Blanks

There are two major ways to duplicate the keys, manually and through a machine. The manual method entails manually cutting the outline of the key blank to imitate the groves in the master key. On the other hand, using a machine for key duplication entails placing the key blank inside the machine and setting the machine’s blades properly.

Types of Blanks

Blanks come in a wide variety of options to choose from. Definitely, there is a blank that matches each type of key. One of the most commonly used blanks is the skeleton blank. This is used to duplicate skeleton keys. These keys are one of the oldest types of keys available today. They have been available since the time when keys are first used for security. They are easy to recognize as their long and thin shaft looks like a skeleton. These keys are typically used in older houses and buildings. Another commonly used blank is the tubular key blank. It is used for duplication of keys for tubular locks. These locks are typically found in bicycle locks and luggage locks.

Other Uses of Blanks

Also, blanks are now gaining popularity worldwide as fashionable items. With a wide variety of unmolded shapes, they make an excellent gift item for both young and old people. Also, they can be personalized to meet the recipient’s preferences like engraving their names on it. They also make an attractive collection of keepsakes. Some people display them proudly. For instance, people who love cars are proud to carry several blanks of keys for their favorite cars. Some companies also use them to advertise their products by engraving their brand name or company logo on the blanks and giving them away to their consumers as free items.

Overall, key blanks come in a wide variety of shapes, kinds, and colors. Making use of them allows you to easily identify the key for a specific area. This also saves you from the confusion when you are in a hurry or in an emergency situation, looking for the correct key. The attractive blanks also offer a good alternative to the boring and old iron keys for your home, car, or office.