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Locksmith Glossary K


keyed alike
keyed different
A properly combinated device which is, or most closely resembles, the device specifically intended by the lock manufacturer to operate the corresponding lock
key bitting array
a matrix (graphic) display of all possible bittings for change keys and master keys as related to the top master key
key bitting punch
a manually operated device which stamps or punches the cuts into the key blade, rather than grinding or milling them
Key blank
any material manufactured to the proper size and configuration which allows its entry into the keyway of a specific locking device. A key blank has not yet been combinated or cut.
key code
A series of numbers or digits on a key or lock that specifies or references the particular cuts of the key to operate a lock.
key coding machine
a key machine designed for the production of code keys. It may or may not also serve as a duplicating machine.
key duplicating machine
a key machine which is designed to make copies from a pattern key
key gauge
a usually flat device with a cutaway portion indexed with a given set of depth or spacing specifications. It is used to help determine the combination of a key.
key interchange
an undesirable condition, usually in a master key system, whereby a key unintentionally operates a cylinder or lock
key machine
any machine designed to cut keys. See also `key coding machine` and `key duplicating machine.`
key manipulation
manipulation of an incorrect key in order to operate a lock or cylinder
key records
records which typically include some or all of the following: bitting list, key bitting array, key system schematic, end user, number of keys/cylinders issued, names of persons to whom keys were issued, hardware/keying schedule
key section
the exact cross sectional configuration of a key blade as viewed from the bow toward the tip
key symbol
a designation used for a key combination in the standard key coding system, e.g., A, AA, AA1, etc.
key system schematic
a drawing with blocks utilizing keying symbols, usually illustrating the hierarchy of all keys within a master key system. It indicates the structure and total expansion of the system.
keyed alike
adj. of or pertaining to two or more locks or cylinders which have or are to have the same combination. They may or may not be part of a keying system.
keyed different
adj. of or pertaining to a group of locks or cylinders, each of which is or is to be combinated differently from the others. They may or may not be part of a keying system.
keyed random
adj. of or pertaining to a cylinder or group of cylinders selected from a limited inventory of different key changes. Duplicate bittings may occur.
any specification for how a cylinder or group of cylinders are or are to be combinated in order to control access
keying conference
a meeting of the end user and the key system supplier at which the keying and levels of keying, including future expansion, are determined and specified
keying schedule
a detailed specification of the keying system listing how all cylinders are to be keyed and the quantities, markings, and shipping instructions of all keys and/or cylinders to be provided
keying symbol
a designation used for a lock or cylinder combination in the standard key coding system; e.g., AA1, XAA1, X1X, etc.
1.  the opening in a lock or cylinder which is shaped to accept a key bit or blade of a proper configuration 2. the exact cross sectional configuration of a keyway as viewed from the front. It is not necessarily the same as the key section.
keyway grooves
Long narrow milled out areas along the sides of the blade to allow the blade to bypass the wards in the keyway.
1. abb. keyed random 2. abb. key retaining
abb. keyway

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