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Useful Tips For Your FamilyHow To Be Ready For Any Emergency Around The House

There are, of course, a multitude of unexpected emergencies that can occur around your house. Homes are full of potential emergencies, twists and turns! But there are almost as many preplanned, prepared steps you can take to be ready when they occur. As the old adage says, “expect the unexpected”!

Spare set of house keys: For the day when the emergency occurs when you lose your day-to-day set of house keys, it is so important to have a spare set. Scratch that, have two! Ask a trusted neighbor or family member to hold one set, and keep a pair another secure location that is not in your house! A favorite place is in your secure drawer or locker at work.

Spare set of car keys: Losing your car keys is another emergency that you can make less worrying by having a spare set in your home. Keep them in a safe place that is out of sight, but easy for YOU to remember.

The telephone number of a good glazier: Broken windows happen because of accidents all the time. You need to have the number of a good, reputable emergency glazier who can come and seal that window up and replace the broken glass for you. Most locksmith companies can recommend a good one, as we work closely with these professionals.

The 24/7 telephone number of Available Locksmith: By far the best catch-all solution is to have Available Locksmith on speed dial. Emergencies around the house involving locks and keys are our daily business and we have more solutions and work-arounds to problems than we can even list. So, for those emergencies that don’t have a straightforward answer, or when you need the help of a professional residential locksmith, you know who to call around the clock!