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File Cabinet Locks

file cabinet locksThe main advantage of using locks on file cabinets is security. Generally, cabinet locks are used in many business offices. However, today, these cabinet locks have been widely used in many homes. They allow home owners to secure not only the information that they kept in their file cabinets, which may include bank statements, tax records, medical exam reports, insurance papers, business projects, etc, but also their money or expensive jewelries. These things can only be kept secured using file cabinet locks.

Though you do not have to protect important information or items from your own family, however, think about other people who come to your house as party guests or visitors. You can never leave any chances of losing your valuable stuff. Also, if there are pets or young children in your house, locking up your file cabinet will keep your valuables safe.

Types of Cabinet Locks

Locks for file cabinets come in two types, key-based and key-less. It is important to choose a file cabinet that has a lock which provides maximum protection, security, and access control. Both types differ in keying options and styles.

Key Based Cabinet Locks

The most popular type of key based lock is the pin tumbler. This type of lock comes with a variety of lengths of pins on its inner side. Tubular tumbler is another type of key based lock and comes with exposed and horizontal pins. Cam lock is also a key based type of cabinet lock which can be opened and closed using a key and comes with an added plunger lock, which only requires a key for opening and locking or re-locking it only needs a push on the cylinder. For an additional security when using key bases cabinet locks, home owners can install padlocks in addition to the internal locking system.

Key-less Cabinet Locks

These types of cabinet locks make use of an access control mechanism and electronic locking system. They come in a wide variety of models, features, sizes, shapes, and designs, among others. Recently, manufacturers developed a revolutionary electric-activated locking device for file cabinets. This device is powered by an electronic module, actuator, a rotating camera, and a lifting pin. It offers high level of security and protection to anything that is being kept inside the file cabinet.

Some key-less cabinet locks make use of an electronic lock individual access mechanism. An access control code is assigned to a specific user to open the cabinet via a computer. This can also be unlocked using a hand held radio transmitter. Generally, these types of cabinet locks will automatically relock after the time set has lapsed and are monitored by an LED device. They also come with a manual for operation mechanism and an emergency opening feature in cases when the control transmitter is lost. They are battery-operated and are user-friendly.

Other types of key-less cabinet locks make use of a unique coded locking mechanism, which features two different password combinations for two users. It comes with a keypad that monitors and records the date and time that the file cabinet is accessed.

Overall, when choosing file cabinet locks, whether they are key based or keyless types, make sure to get the ones with a reputed brand name. This ensures that your file cabinet cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized users or locksmith thieves.