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car locksmithGetting locked out of your car can be quite a drag and a major inconvenience. If done at the right time, this simple act of oversight can really lead to extreme consequences. That feeling of realization, trying to open the doors, hoping somehow you’ll gain entry – it’s an awful feeling. This is the time when a reliable car locksmith is priceless.

Locked Out? Here’s what to expect

When this happens to you, the foremost important thing to remember is to stay calm. Calm, rational thought will ultimately limit the negative consequences of your lock-out. After having likely cursed yourself, your car, and the stars for this misstep, you calm down and call your local automotive locksmith. Now, while waiting for your locksmith, stay in your vehicle or in some other place where you feel safe.

Upon their arrival, your locksmith will first look at your specific vehicle and make an entry assessment. This is an evaluation of how easy or difficult it may be to gain entry into the vehicle, as well as different options for doing so. Once you agree to the locksmith’s terms, they will get to work. Most locksmiths in most cases can arrive on scene and gain entry within 1-1.5 hours. This depends on many factors though.

The above scenario is quite a common one. However, it is certainly not the only circumstance in which a locksmith may be desired. Additionally, there are a number of other roles an automotive locksmith can be called on to perform as well.


A “re-key”, or “re-keying” is a term describing the changing out of an existing lock’s internal, key-accepting mechanisms. Perhaps, a spare key was stolen, or an ex-partner needs to be excluded from access to the vehicle. Whatever the cause, the locksmith will make it so that the old lock still works, but only accepts a new key.

Key extraction

On occasion, part of a key can break off and become lodged within the lock cylinder. In some rare cases, this has actually been seen as an intentional form of property damage. The established automotive locksmith will be able to determine if the key or other material can be extracted. They will also be able to determine if further damage was done to the lock and what other action may need to be taken.

Lock Malfunctions

Lock malfunctions can take countless forms. At some time or another, you may have experienced a lock that seems to not want to “let go” of your key. Maybe you’ve experienced the situation where the lock doesn’t want to accept the key, or won’t turn upon acceptance. Sometimes the cylinder itself is to blame. In other cases, the pins may need some work. Keys and debris are also often overlooked culprits. Certainly, age and quality-level are deciding factors as well. A capable locksmith should be able to handle any lock malfunction situation.

This wraps up our summary of automotive locksmiths and their capacity in the field. If you have any automotive security concerns, contact your local car locksmith today.