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Car Key Replacement

car key replacementMost car owners rely on their vehicle for transportation on an almost-daily basis, and because of this, they may keep close tabs on their car keys. However, car keys may be stolen or lost as a result of various events. Some electronic keys may stop working due to damage or other issues. When events such as these occur, you must find a quick and affordable way to replace those keys. Until you do, you may not able to operate your vehicle as needed. While visiting your car dealership for a FOB or car key replacement may be one option, this is often a rather expensive option. Furthermore, visiting a dealership during business hours for replacement keys may be highly inconvenient. Exploring other options may help you to find the best replacement method.

Hardware Stores

Most hardware stores do have key-making capabilities. However, they generally lack the sophisticated equipment needed to customize a key blank to fit a lock. Instead, they provide basic services related to making duplicate keys. For those drivers who simply need to make a duplicate copy of a basic key, this may be a fast, convenient and affordable option. However, if you do not have another copy of the key available or if your key is more sophisticated, this may not be your best option.

Locksmith Services

A better option for many vehicle owners may be to contact a local locksmith. A locksmith may have a key blank issued by or created specifically for the vehicle’s manufacturer. A professional locksmith may have the more sophisticated equipment necessary to create a custom key without a duplicate copy available. Furthermore, they may also be able to customize a new fob. However, the capabilities of different locksmith services can vary, and the complex nature of the locking mechanism for the vehicle can also vary. It is important to discuss your specific needs with a locksmith service to determine if the company will be able to assist you.

Online Services

There are now key and fob replacement services available online that can be used by almost every vehicle owner. Some do provide overnight delivery, and others may take a longer period of time to provide you with a replacement. If you have a highly complicated type of locking mechanism on your car and want to avoid a visit to the car dealership, this may be your best option. However, if you have an urgent need for a replacement, the processing and delivery time for an online replacement service may not be ideal. In order to use an online service such as this, you typically will need to input your vehicle’s make, model and Vehicle Identification Number into the online order form. This information will be used to customize a key, fob or both for your vehicle.

As you can see, there are several options available to you for ordering a fob or car key replacement. Whether your keys have been lost or stolen or you simply want to order a duplicate set, you want to carefully review the pros and cons of these options to determine which may be best for your needs. Keep in mind that many key blanks have verbiage imprinted on them that states that they cannot be duplicated, but this verbiage is generally not enforceable. Because of this, all vehicle owners may consider each of these options without concern.