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Locksmith Glossary C


A flat actuator or locking bolt attached to the rear of a cylinder perpendicular to its plug and rotated by the key
cam lock
A lock that has an attached cam that serves as the lock`s bolt. Cam locks are often used on cabinets, file cabinets and drawers.
capping block
A holding fixture for certain interchangeable cores which aids in the installation of the caps
case ward
Protrusions that stick out of the sides of the keyway to allow entry of only the correct type of key blank.
Any cavity in a cylinder plug and/or shell which houses the tumbler(s)
change key
The key that operates one lock in a masterkeyed suite.
1. abb. change key
2. abb. control key
abb. construction master key
abb. construction master keyed
A series of numbers or digits on a key or lock that specifies or references the particular cuts of the key to operate a lock.
The group of numbers which represent the bitting of a key and/or the tumblers of a lock or cylinder
concealed shell cylinder
A specially constructed (usually mortise) cylinder. Only the plug face is visible when the lock trim is in place.
constant cut
Any bitting(s) which are identical in corresponding positions from one key to another in a keying system. They usually serve to group these keys together within a given level of keying, and/or link them with keys of other levels.
construction core
An interchangeable or removable core designed for use during the construction phase of a building. The cores are normally keyed alike and, upon completion of construction, they are to be replaced by the permanent system`s cores.
construction master key
A key normally used by construction personnel for a temporary period during building construction. It may be rendered permanently inoperative without disassembling the cylinder.
construction master keyed
Adj. of or pertaining to a cylinder which is or is to be operated temporarily by a construction master key
control cut
Any bitting which operates the retaining device of an interchangeable or removable core
control key
A key used to remove the core from a removable core or interchangeable core cylinder.
control lug
n. that part of an interchangeable or removable core retaining device which locks the core into its housing
control sleeve
The part of an interchangeable or removable core retaining device which surrounds the plug
controlled cross keying
A condition in which two or more different keys of the same level of keying and under the same higher level key(s) operate one cylinder by design; e.g., XAA1 operated by AA2 ( but not XAA1 operated by AB1) NOTE: This condition could severely limit the security of the cylinder and the maximum expansion of the system when (1) more than a few of these different keys operate a cylinder, or (2) more than a few differently cross keyed cylinders per system are required.
A complete unit, often with a figure 8 shape, which usually consists of the plug, shell, tumblers, springs, plug retainer and spring cover(s). It is primarily used in removable and interchangeable core cylinders and locks.
cross keying
The deliberate process of combinating a cylinder (usually in a master key system) to two or more different keys which would not normally be expected to operate it together. See also `controlled cross keying,` `uncontrolled cross keying.`
A cut, or series of cuts, on the bit or blade of a key.
A complete operating unit which usually consists of the plug, shell, tumblers, springs, plug retainer, a cam/tailpiece or other actuating device, and all other necessary operating parts
cylinder key
A key for use with pin tumbler and wafer tumbler cylinder locks.

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