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Locksmith Glossary B


A plate on the inside of a door through which the cylinder connecting screws and tailpiece is passed.
The horizontal distance from the edge of a door to the center of a lockset.
Barrel Key
A key with a bit projecting from a hollow cylindrical shaft.
That portion of the cylinder shell which normally houses the pin chambers, especially those of a key-in-knob cylinder or certain rim cylinders
The part of the key which serves as the blade, usually for use in a warded or lever tumbler lock to cut a key
Bit Key
A key with a bit projecting from a solid cylindrical shank. The bit has cuts to bypass the wards or operate levers in the correct lock.
Bit Key Lock
A warded or lever lock that uses bit keys.
A cut, or series of cuts, on the bit or blade of a key.
Bitting Depth
The depth of a cut which is made into the blade of a key
Bitting List
A  listing of all the key combinations used within a system. The combinations are usually arranged in order of the blind code, direct code, and/or key symbol.
The part of the key that is inserted into the lock.
A key before any cuts have been made, or a key that is not fully cut and is thus not yet operational.
Blind Code
A designation, unrelated to the bitting, assigned to a particular key combination for future reference when additional keys or cylinders may be needed
The portion of the key which serves as a grip or handle
Bow Stop
A type of stop located near the key bow
A tool used to cut the keyway into the cylinder plug with a broach
Building Master Key
A  master key which operates all or most master keyed locks in a given building
Build-up Pin
The additional element of a pin stack required to allow operation at independent shear lines in a cylinder

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