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ALOA Campaigns Against California

Senate Bill 750

CREATED: JULY 20, 2012

California S.B. 750 proposes to allow some automobile manufacturers (notably BMW) to refuse to provide key codes to locksmiths and grant automakers a legal monopoly on auto key and entry systems provided they meet some basic requirements.

According to ALOA, “Although this specific bill is being pushed in one state by one auto manufacturer, the entire automobile industry is following this bill closely and is poised to follow BMW’s lead if this bill is passed into law. California is an enormous state which other states tend to follow in automobile-related matters.  Passage of this bill could literally start of a landslide toward exclusion of private locksmiths from the automotive industry.”

“Current law requires that locksmiths have access to auto key codes in order to provide services to customers who lose keys, get locked out of vehicles, or are stranded and unable to obtain the services of a dealer. Let’s work together to keep automakers from winning a legal monopoly on the services private locksmiths have been providing for generations,” says an ALOA eblast sent on July 19.

This bill was passed by the California Senate but refused by the California Assembly, but it may be re-introduced next month. “The California Assembly will reconvene August 6 for the remainder of the month.  If the Speaker of the Assembly consents, there will likely be an immediate vote.  If this happens, the re-vote will likely be without notice, on the last day of the session and with no further opportunity to oppose this bill before the vote. The auto industry is fighting hard for reconsideration and passage of this bill,” ALOA warns.

ALOA encourages all California constituents to CLICK HERE to urge the Speaker of the Assembly and your district’s Assembly Member to oppose CA Senate Bill 750.  If you are NOT a California constituent, or would like full contact information for the California Assembly, CLICK HERE.

To read the original news article, please visit: http://www.locksmithledger.com/news/10745133/aloa-campaigns-against-california-senate-bill-750

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